AUVON Pill Reminder App Trouble Shooting

AUVON Pill Reminder - Troubleshooting
Why AUVON Pill Reminder is not working properly on my device?
It won't work properly if:
  • You "force stop" AUVON Pill Reminder
  • You are using a task killer app in your device
  • You move the app to an external SD card
Ok, I have checked all the above, and it's still not working
The most likely it is that your device has a battery manager app, and it prevents AUVON Pill Reminder from showing notifications.
But... I didn't install any "battery manager" app
You didn't, but most new phones nowadays are bundled with some kind of battery/power saving manager software that should be set up in order to allow apps to show notifications. Each manufacturer has a different battery manager app.
How can I set up my battery manager app?
Please click on your device manufacturer name below, and follow the steps.

After you set up your battery manager, please follow these steps:

  1. Re-schedule notifications: Start AUVON Pill Reminder, go to settings screen, uncheck "active" checkbox, and check it again.
  2. Restart your device.
More info:
If I disable battery optimization for AUVON Pill Reminder, will it drain the battery faster?
No. AUVON Pill Reminder is developed with the best practices, and it's already optimized for battery saving.
Are there any other apps that prevent AUVON Pill Reminder from working properly?
Yes: any app that "force close" AUVON Pill Reminder (task killers, antivirus, task managers, app cleaners...). So you have to set them up correctly to allow AUVON Pill Reminder showing notifications.