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As a socially responsible company, AUVON is committed to making the lives of middle-aged and elderly people around the world better, healthier and more convenient. We not only manufacture scientific and useful products to serve middle-aged and elderly people around the world but also devote ourselves to developing new technologies and apps to enhance the happiness of customers when using our products.

This is a Pill cases APP independently developed by AUVON. It can be perfectly matched with any of AUVON's medicine boxes, and can independently set the name of the medicine, the number of times to take the medicine, and the reminder of the time to take the medicine, etc., and remind people to take medicine in a more scientific, intelligent and direct way. We hope that when customers use our medicine box products, they can be matched with an app that matches the product functions to achieve more efficient management of their daily medication needs.



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*Notice: Please download the correct APP, the blue-green icon is the correct one.


If you face any issue using the app, please contact our customer support team by, our customer support representative will respond you within 24 hours. Thanks.