AUVON is dedicated to helping people live a better life! We have donated over 200,000 healthcare products to nursing homes and we are always here to share our love! By the non-profit donation program, we aim to support more elderly in need and the organizations which share the same mission with us.
Please read carefully before submitting a request. Serving elderly around the world is our cause and we are dedicated to make them cozy and healthy. Additionally, we strive to support other organizations committed to similar goals which are trying to help elderly live healthy.
AUVON is unable to make cash contributions. We will contribute limited products, such as tens unit, pill cases, blood glucose monitors, night lights,etc. AUVON may donate to all the nursing homes or orgnizations who share the similiar missions with us.
All donations made by AUVON are intended for the sole benefit of the non-profit organization to or for which the donation was made. The resale or re-purposing of any donation by the organization or the winner of such a donation is strictly prohibited without the prior approval of AUVON and will nullify the donation.
A request form should be completed and submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event or fundraiser. Request for facility use should be submitted as early as possible. Incomplete forms may not be considered. Please include any printed material or information that documents the event or activity.
Generally, you will receive notification regarding your donation request within two weeks of receipt of your request. Please do not call unless more than two weeks have passed without notification.
For more information, please contact email AUVON at

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