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How dose a night light improve your life?


What is a night light?

A nightlight is a small, typically electrical light fixture that is used to provide comfort or convenience in places that are dark or could become dark at particular times, as at night or in an emergency.

What is a night light used for?

Nightlights are typically used to alleviate nighttime anxiety, especially in young children, or to create a sense of security that keeping a light on provides. The general public can also benefit from nightlights by using them to indicate the overall layout of a room without having to turn on a main light, to avoid tripping over stairs, obstructions, or pets, or to indicate an emergency exit.

Night lights are great for safety

Night lights provide gentle illumination that doesn't disturb a home's peaceful atmosphere or cause night blindness by straining your eyes. People often assume that vision problems are simply a problem for the elderly, but research teaches us that everyone, regardless of age, needs light to see and vision if they want to avoid tripping over objects in the dark.

Night lights are great for security

When there is a problem, light is quite helpful. Even while you could enjoy sleeping in a room that is so dark that you begin to lose track of time, you'll need some light if there is an emergency.

Night lights are great for sleep

You can truly get better sleep if your bedroom has the correct nightlight. If your bedroom is as black as a deep cave and you're still having trouble sleeping, think about installing a night light.

About AUVON night lights

  • Save Energy at Home. According to our calculation, using AUVON motion sensor night lights can save up to 84% energy compared to those without motion sensors.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Lighting. You may feel relaxed and comfortable when you see its warm lighting in the darkness. With the two brightness modes design, you can also choose your desired brightness from the High or Medium for different occasions.
  • 3 Useful Modes. A simple switch at the top of the plug-in nightlight allows you to choose among three lighting modes (ON, OFF and AUTO). If the Auto Mode is chosen, its motion sensor will be activated to provide you a detection angle of 120 degrees and a range of 3-5 meters.
  • Safe to Use. The plug in night lights are with superior V-0 fire resistant casing and over-current protection design to guarantee safety.
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