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Why Does a Good Seat Cushion Matter and How to Choose One?

Do you often get sore hips and tired all over after sitting in wheelchair for a long time?
When you decide to buy a wheelchair seat cushion to change this situation, the cushions on the market are too various to choose from. This blog can help you make a good choice.


Why do we need a wheelchair cushion

  1. Some wheelchairs without ergonomical design:The material of some wheelchairs is too stiff for your body, and since the pressure of your body after sitting for a long time piles up in your lower body, stiff wheelchairs are easy to make you uncomfortable. And some wheelchairs are not ergonomically designed; they do not support your back or distract the weight of your body from their surface.
  2. Poor sitting posture:Your head is balanced on top of your straight-ahead spine when you are standing. However, sitting causes your head to droop and your spine to tilt forward, which puts a lot of stress on your neck and back muscles. This may eventually result in discomfort and exhaustion. 
  3. Blood flow slowing down:The way you utilize energy when sitting is not very effective. Your muscles contract and relax regularly when you're standing or moving around, which keeps your blood pumping and your body oxygenated. However, those muscles aren't working as hard when you're sitting, which causes blood flow to slow down and makes you feel fatigued.

How to choose a comfortable wheelchair

Comfort, stability, and positioning are necessary things to take into account. In addition, if the wheelchair user has incontinence, selecting a waterproof, machine-washable cover is also crucial.
  1. Height and Weight
You could find it difficult to move your wheelchair under a desk or table if the cushion is too high. The seat cushion height should be convenient for your transiting from wheelchair to your bed or other piece of furniture.
  1. Material
Both the material inside the cushion and the cover should be durable. At the same time, we can not keep pursuing softness, because if the seat cushion is too soft, it can not offer supportive function.
  1. Stability and Safe
Wheelchair seat cushions must also ensure the security. If the cushion is not non-slip, it is easy to fall when you transfer from another place to the wheelchair and can be a major safety hazard.
  1. Breathability
Skin breakdown can be affected by body temperature and moisture. Choosing a wheelchair seat cushion with good breathability may help protect the user from skin problems.
  1. Skin Protection
In addition to purchasing a cushion that provides proper pressure relief to prevent pressure sores, it also should be waterproof and washable. Then it can effectively protect our skin.

AUVON cushion can meet all these characteristics

  • Ergonomic Design. The unique U-cutout design floats your tailbone and hence alleviates pressure and minimizes coccyx pain. The slope and contoured surface shapes your lower body while providing support for your thigh with optimal comfort.
  • Superior Memory Foam. As prolonged sitting increases tailbone pressure, this chair cushion uses superior memory foam, which better responds to your body heat, evenly distributes weight and relieves your tailbone pain and spinal pain.
  • Waterproof & Breathable. The cover was strategically designed with a layer of waterproof membrane, which protects the memory foam from sweat or urine and can be removed for machine washing (do not wash the memory foam). The butt cushion also features vent holes that allow for ample airflow and never trapped body heat.
  • Secure and Safe. To improve the safety of users in the wheelchair for daily activities, we designed a non-slip bottom and added a detachable strap to help fasten the wheelchair cushion in the wheelchair or other chairs.

AUVON can meet all your needs of wheelchair seat cushion and are built for your daily comfort.
Learn more at AUVON https://www.iauvon.com/


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