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Do you know about Blood Glucose Monitors?

Facing a serious health situation, there are over 30 million people who have diabetes  (over10% of the US population) so far. Diabetes is a serious and growing problem all over the world, where the inefficiency of the pancreas to produce insulin results in an increase in blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a serious and growing problem all over the world, more and more people are facing and struggling with diabetes.So learn more with AUVON and start a better life with AUVON BLOOG GLUCOSE MONITOR!

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a long-term (chronic) illness that affects how your body converts food into energy.

When you have diabetes, your body either produces insufficient insulin or uses it improperly. Too much blood sugar remains in your bloodstream when there is insufficient insulin or when cells cease reacting to insulin. That can eventually lead to major health issues like renal disease, eyesight loss, and heart disease.

The majority of the food you consume is converted by your body into sugar (glucose), which is then released into your bloodstream. Your pancreas releases insulin when your blood sugar levels rise. In order for blood sugar to enter your body's cells and be used as energy, insulin functions like a key.

Although there is currently no treatment for diabetes, decreasing weight, eating well, and exercising can all be very beneficial. Other things you can do to help:

  • Use medication as directed.
  • Obtain guidance and information about diabetes self-management.
  • Schedule and attend medical appointments.

Why do people need blood glucose monitor?

Blood glucose monitors can be used as a primary tool for diabetes self-management to help you track and control your blood sugar wherever you are. Blood glucose meters (BGM) display a moment in time's snapshot. In order to transfer a little amount of blood to a test strip that has been introduced into the BGM, BGMs require a finger prick.

Why choose AUVON DS-W Blood Glucose Meter?

AUVON Blood Glucose Meter provides the best care for the elderly, pregnant women, diabetics, obesity group and other people. For a quality BGM, the data accuracy is the most critical. AUVON Glucose Monitor has passed the laborary test and it provides more accurate test results. Normally, 95% of measured glucose results fall within ±10mg/dL of lab reference value for blood glucose concentrations <100 mg/dL and within ±10mg/dL of the laboratory reference value for glucose concentrations >100mg/dL.

What can you receive from AUVON BGM?

1 x AUVON DS-W Blood Glucose Monitor, 1 x battery, 1 x Log Book, 50 x Blood Test Strips, 50 x 30 gauge Lancets, 1 x Lancing device, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Meter User Guide, 1 x Test Strip User Guide, Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty and Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.

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