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How does an AUVON Neck Stretcher relieve your pain

Neck Stretcher product introduction

A Neck Stretcher is a specially designed pillow used to support the neck and improve sleep quality. It uses ergonomic principles and can maintain the natural curvature of the neck while being comfortable. The material of the Neck Stretcher is usually memory foam or foam, with a certain elasticity and softness. Neck Stretchers are not only suitable for sleeping in bed, but can also be used for long sitting periods, such as in the office or during long flights.

Target group for neck stretchers

Neck Neck Stretchers are suitable for a variety of people, especially for the following groups:
  1. Patients with neck pain. Maintaining poor posture for a long time, such as looking at a phone or computer for an extended period, can easily lead to neck pain. Using a neck stretcher can alleviate this pain.
  2. People who often travel long distances. Long periods of sitting will cause a lot of pressure on the neck, and using a neck stretcher can maintain the natural curvature of the neck, relieve neck fatigue.
  3. People who work in an office for a long time. Sitting in front of a computer for a long time can easily cause neck fatigue and stiffness, and using a neck stretcher can reduce neck pressure and protect the cervical spine.

Working principle

The working principle of neck stretchers is based on ergonomics. Its shape and material are specially designed to maintain the natural curvature of the neck. The material of the neck stretcher is usually memory foam or foam, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the shape of the neck and the pressure distribution. The neck stretcher can fix the neck and head in the correct position, thereby reducing the pressure and burden on the neck.

How to use

Using a neck stretcher is very simple. Just place the neck stretcher on the bed or chair backrest, and then place the neck on the neck stretcher. The height of the neck stretcher should be appropriate so that the neck and head can maintain their natural curvature. The neck stretcher should be placed between the head and neck, rather than placing the entire head on the neck stretcher. If you feel uncomfortable using the neck stretcher, you can adjust the height or angle of the neck stretcher appropriately to make it more suitable for your neck. In addition, neck stretchers should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure hygiene and use.
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